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                                                                                Sustainability and Social Responsibility



Our company is a Certified Member of Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) since 04 of May 2020 with certification number 1968 .   

As such, we comply with all standards requested under the Code of Practices (COP) 2019.

In 08 December, 2023 we got re certified with a new number 00005031   

The COP provides a common standard for ethical, social, human rights and environmental practices, and certification against it is mandatory for all RJC commercial members. COP certification provides a strong system for assuring stakeholders, shareholders, customers and business partners that a company conducts its business responsibly.

This adds value to our company’s products and help us to protect and enhance our brands. More importantly, COP certification reduces risks and vulnerabilities in our company’s supply chain and improves management systems and operating procedures to strengthen the business and make it more sustainable. It simultaneously leads to better social and environmental conditions within the broader industry, bringing positive impacts for workers, communities and environments alike.

If you would like to know more about our RJC sustainability program, the various policies against which our company has been independently audited and our yearly updated RJC Report, please send us an email at  for more information.

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